Working Out After the Holidays- How to Get Back in Your Groove

It’s no surprise that after two weeks of eating the best casseroles and most divine desserts every night, that working out is kind of the last thing on your mind… and sometimes the last thing on mine too!

Let’s cover how to get yourself back in the mindset of a healthy lifestyle. Working out after the holidays doesn’t have to be bothersome; after all, we are working out to maintain the best version of ourselves possible.

Do NOT Get Stuck on What You Ate Over the Holidays

This is HUGE. We are our own worst enemy, criticizing and shaming ourselves for every little snack and dessert we let ourselves thoroughly enjoy over the most wonderful time of year. It is time that we put an end to worrying about what we ate. Why, you may ask? Simply because we already ate it, and probably loved it. Accept that we had some not-so-great foods the past couple of weeks and realize that this week is a time to start fresh.

Instead, think to yourself that you let your body get a break from the everyday healthy eating we try to maintain every other day of the year. Now that we have accepted what we have enjoyed, it’s our time to put into focus our health goals for this year.

New Year, New You?

We’ve all heard the saying. Is this year going to transform you into a completely new you? Only eating clean, unprocessed foods or purchasing more organic foods than you would have ever thought you would be buying? Or are you going to make subtle changes in your lifestyle, like eating slightly fewer carbohydrates in the evening, or upping your cardio routine by 10 minutes/day?

Whatever you chose as your new goals to start fresh, whether small or large, be sure to write them down. Grab a journal, or log it in your phone. Make sure the list is somewhere you can see it often. The more clearly we articulate our goals, the more likely we are to attain them. Be sure to make them attainable. Remember, these are lifestyle changes, not crash diets.

Everyone is in the Same Position as You Are

Again, since we are our own worst critic, it is time to put aside any negative thoughts about yourself prior to stepping foot into the gym. Who cares if you’ve gained 5 or 10 pounds; the guy next to you at the gym probably has too. Don’t hang up on the idea that this holiday season has allowed you to put on a few extra pounds.

Instead, push yourself a little harder, knowing that you need to get back to where you were; and even better than that.

Another key topic to mention here is that stress can inhibit your ability to lose fat. Basically, the more you beat yourself up about the way you look or what you have eaten, the more difficult it is to shed those pounds. Push that negativity away and look in the mirror and find positive traits about yourself (:

Put Those Extra Calories to Use

Time to put those calories that you’ve consumed to use. Those carbohydrates and sugars that we snacked on and did not get immediately used were then stored in our body for when they were needed.

Those carbs and sugars will serve as an advantage in every exercise, allowing us to lift heavier and complete more repetitions because we have more fuel- literally!

A little extra calorie consumption, on occasion, can really lead you to better performance in the gym!

Time to Get Going

There hasn’t been a better time to get back in the groove of feeling good in the gym and eating better than now! Put those negative thoughts away, accept what you have eaten, or not eaten (veggies etc), and set new goals for this new year.

Work hard, eat well and get lots of rest!

Feel free to comment on the ways you get focused after the holidays! I’d love to hear.


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