TRX Suspension Training Review- Why I Fell in Love with TRX

Product: TRX Home 2

Price: $199.95


  • Home 2 Suspension Trainer
  • 1-year subscription to TRX application
  • Over the door anchor
  • Suspension achor
  • Mesh carrying bag to place all items inside

Warranty: 5 years


Let’s run over the basics of the TRX Suspension Training System- a system originally designed for Navy Seals. I personally use TRX roughly 1-2x/week. On weeks that I need more of a recovery from weight lifting, I will use TRX for the entire week to make sure I complete my daily workout.

Read along to see why I love TRX and you will too!

Simple to Use

Simple; it’s one of the first words that comes to mind when thinking of TRX.  The exercises are designed in such a way that they are very easy to understand from the very first time you use the equipment.

There are various resources available to those using TRX, so if you are new to it, never feel intimidated or overwhelmed. They even have an app for your phone and most packages have a free year included!

Videos online also serve as a great resources for those just starting out with TRX. The system is designed in such a way that it can be used by the first time exerciser to the most advanced athlete- everyone is able to get the perfect workout in.

The system is a set of ropes and carabenas that interlock and dangle from a support, allowing you to exercise virtually anywhere with ease (inside your home, the gym, over almost any standard door frame, a tree limb, and much more).

TRX can be taken anywhere with you, especially beneficial if you are on the road frequently.

Cost Efficient- Who Doesn’t Love That?!

Since TRX is so versatile, can be used almost anywhere, and is proven to yeild results, the cost you can purchase TRX for is a complete steal!  In comparison to home cardio equipment, TRX costs 1/10 of the price (although other cardio equipment can be extremely useful at home, TRX is a great purchase to start building your home gym).

Perfect for Active Recovery

We all have those weeks where we are still extremely sore from the last week of training and putting 120% into every single exercise. TRX is the perfect way to exercise, and not use anything but your own body weight and gravity for a workout. This allows your muscles to get a full and total break from weight lifting while still challenging each muscle.

Improves Overall Performance

TRX focuses on improving stability and core strength through using their equipment. For example, think about using the handles and lowering yourself into push up position. Now think about lowering yourself into position with your arms a foot wider; exactly. Much more challenging on your core.

If you’re anything like me, you like to see facts. TRX has performed a study that proves that blood pressure, waist lines and body fat percentages have decreased on those that were consistently using TRX. Visit their site to see the entire study.

Your turn!

It’s your turn to invest in one of the best and most versatile fitness products on the market. I hope this review helped you to see how beneficial TRX really can be. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions or what you thought of TRX yourself!


Have a great day.








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