Female Gym Motivation- Keeping Yourself in it to Win it

Do you ever find it challenging to get yourself to go to the gym? Do you find yourself losing track of you’re goals? Do you sometimes think “If I miss today it’s no big deal, I’ll just go next week!” Let’s talk about how to completely dismiss these thoughts and keep ourselves motivated. Time to dive into female gym motivation.

Setting Goals

Even though it can be challenging, it is so important that we stay on track to meet our long term goals.

First things first, we need to put a realistic time frame on our goals. Don’t go telling people that you are going to be able to increase you’re squatting weight by 80lbs in 2 weeks- you’d be setting yourself up for failure. Devise goals that are realistic and can be accomplished within the said time frame.

Break the long term goal into multiple shorter term goals that you can check off when accomplished. For example, if my overall goal was to be able to lose 30 pounds in 6 months, I could set some short term goals of losing 5 pounds/month. I could even go further and set a goal of each week I only need to lose 1.25 pounds! This is much more encouraging and motivating than setting a goal of losing 15 pounds/month which can be somewhat unrealistic for long term, lasting results.

Keeping A Journal

What better way to keep track of you’re triumphs than in a notebook?! If you’re anything like me, then you love being able to check of a box next to a goal or task.

Speaking of writing our goals, it is also important to keep track of each workout and how much weight/time you were able to complete on each exercise. Let’s say that last month you were able to barbell bench press 85lbs on the flat bench, and this week when you are training flat bench you are able to bench 95lbs. That’s a huge accomplishment that deserves recognition! This easily could have not been acknowledged if we did not write down the weight from the month before.

This also helps you stay organized to know what exercises you performed, how many reps, and how much weight you were able to complete it with.

Music, Music, and More Music

When we think of going to the gym, what are the essentials that we bring with us? Water, gym clothes, a lifting belt, straps, and headphones!! They are crucial to a great lift, well at least for me (and 95% of the gym goers at every gym I’ve been to). We all have that music that gives us a little extra kick in our step.

Whether it’s the beat that is just palpable, the rhythm you can’t help to move with, or the motivating words that resonate with you, we all have the genre of music that gets us into ‘gym mode’. I personally love electronic music, or rap music when I am lifting. More often than not, when I have an amazing day in the gym, I attribute some of the days success from the music I was listening to.

Find a genre that works for you, and download some music to help get you into the gym today!

Social Media- in Moderation

Sometimes, researching others that have similar goals to yours can serve as a source of motivation. For example, let’s say I wanted to eventually be able to compete in Crossfit competitions; I could look online to see if I could find information about what you have to do to qualify to enter the competition.

Seeing what the athletes look like, the shape they are in and the workouts they are performing then drives me to do similar so I can accomplish what they are- make sense??

We all stumble upon fitness models/pros that are in amazing shape and sometimes watch their short videos to use as a source of motivation. This is an amazing way to get yourself to try different exercises and just feel overall inspired by what they are doing. Be careful that you do not begin to obsess about one particular person/exercise/competition. It is important in the fitness world to try to keep everything balanced when possible- it is easy to get ‘sucked into’ a sector of the fitness world and become completely inundated with it (speaking from experience here hehe).

Take bits and pieces from every fitness professional, swimsuit competition, and powerlifting competition you see and you’ll be sure to feel motivated and level headed.

Take Breaks

Wait, what? This is a post about motivation?!

Yes.. Take a break when you need it, whether you need it mentally or physically. If you’re stressed at work, have 13 things to worry about with you’re family life and barely have enough time to eat, take a break from the gym until you can manage it. If you’re body is hurting and not recovering as it usually does, o

r something just does not feel right, rest for a few days. Get a massage, or maybe even see you’re chiropractor.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how revitalized you feel on you’re first day back in the gym after a small hiatus. You will feel refreshed and newly motivated.

Final Thoughts

We all go through a day, or even a week here and there that we do not want to go to the gym. And that is okay! As long as you get back on track as soon as you are ready and follow these easy steps to stay motivated.



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