Best Workout Equipment at Home; For When You Simply Can’t Make it to the Gym

The intention is there. We all aim to go to the gym 3-5x/week. Sometimes, between long work hours, commuting, bringing the kids to soccer games, or finishing your degree, there isn’t enough time in a day to make it to the gym, work out, and drive home.

Let’s cover the best workout equipment at home. Whether you keep the equipment in a spare room, the garage or keep it in the closet for easy storage, there are definitely numerous items you can have at home for those days you simply can’t make it to the gym!

Resistance Bands – The Variations are Endless

I am a huge fan of resistance bands. They are one of the most affordable pieces of equipment to have at home. On top of this, there are SO many variations of exercises you can perform, both upper and lower body.

Another amazing benefit to having resistance bands at home is that you completely control how difficult an exercise is. Most sets of bands come in different resistance levels. Depending on how you are feeling you can decide if you would rather do a higher resistance exercise with lower repetitions (6-8) or a lower resistance with more repetitions (12-15).

The bands are small, extremely easy to store and provide a great workout.

Kettlebells/Dumbbells – Strength Training at Home

Thought you could only perform strength training while at the gym? Think again!!kettlebell- at home

The great thing about kettlebells and dumbbells is that you can buy adjustable ones, where you can change the weight depending on the exercise. This is a huge space saver for at home.

You can now perform all of those exercises that you would normally perform at the gym at home.

Punching Bag – Get Rid of Frustrations; Build Your Upper Body

punching bag at homeLooking for cardio mixed with a killer upper body workout? A punching bag is one of the best investments for you. Using a punching bag will help you to strengthen your core, improve your coordination, increase aerobic endurance and so much more.

Luckily punching bags for at home use are also affordable, and easy to store in a closet or spare room (although it is not as compact as kettlebells/dumbbells of course!)

Jump Rope – Jump into a Leaner You

This piece of equipment is a no-brainer. Jump rope is a spectacular cardiovascular exercise that is guaranteed to leave you with your heart racing and sweat dripping! This piece of equipment is so affordable and again, is easy to store when you are done with the activity.

Wrapping up

As we have mentioned, sometimes it can be challenging getting to the actual gym. Fortunately, there are numerous pieces of equipment that we can invest in to have on hand at home for those days. Please feel free to leave a comment and mention what equipment you have and what exercises you enjoy performing at home.





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