Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women

“The weight room is only for men.” “People are going to judge me if I go in there.” “I’m going to look manly if I go and lift weights.”

WRONGGGGG. All the above statements are incorrect. The weight room is a perfect place for women of all ages (okay maybe not those under 15). It is where we gain lean, toned muscle over time and show ourselves how strong we really are! Unfortunately, many women are afraid or feel uncomfortable about going into the weight room.

This article was written to shed light on the benefits of lifting weights for women & to help some of you get your workouts in the weight room ASAP!

Helps to Shed Body Fat!

A huge benefit of weight lifting is that the more muscle you have, the more fat you are burning. It has been proven that weight lifting allows you to burn fat while working out, and even long after you leave the gym. So as you are in your car heading home, your body is still breaking down fat.

Strength training, or weightlifting, has you consuming more oxygen than you normally would for your muscles. You continue to consume this oxygen even after you are done with the exercise. When your body is using this oxygen, it is burning more calories than normal and increasing metabolism.

Makes You Stronger- Without Looking like the Hulk

This is one of my favorite pieces of weightlifting- something I never thought I would be proud of, until it happened to me. I started weightlifting a few years ago to get a better figure, as many women do. 6 years later and I cannot get enough of the feeling when I lift something heavier than I did the week or month prior!

What girl doesn’t want to feel like they could knock down someone that was in their face if they had to!! I love feeling like I really could stand my own in this crazy world we live in without depending on someone else.

It is so rewarding to see how amazing the human body is and for YOU to blow your own mind at how strong you really are. Weightlifting allows you to show yourself what you are capable of.

Improves Bone Health/Density

This is HUGE. This one is something many women do not realize. As we age, and become post menopausal, the risk for osteoporosis and bone fractures increase since we secrete much less estrogen.

Resistance training is proven to increase bone mass over time, therefore increasing overall bone health and decreasing the chance of fractures. I mean c’mon, that’s pretty impressive; you can build your bones while building your muscles.

The earlier/younger you start, the better!

Increased Energy

As we mentioned above, weight lifting causes increased metabolism because of the increased oxygen our muscles require. This translates to being more energetic after working out as well.

Who doesn’t love that endorphin rush that comes after a run?? This feeling of increased energy is almost the exact same!

Forget About Everyone Else

It’s as easy as it sounds. Do you see the benefits listed above? It’s time to put aside your worries about other gym goers and their thoughts, and focus on the most important person there, YOU. Besides, their probably only focusing on their own workout.

Any time you want to think, “Oh that guy is judging the exercise I am doing,” etc, think to yourself how much weight you want to lose. Think about how energized you will feel at the end of the work out. Think about how your bones are getting stronger EVERY time you lift weights. Focus on the outcome. You can most certainly do it! It is a mindset.

Also, never be afraid to ask for guidance and assistance. The best people to ask are the personal trainers. You could sign up for some personal training packages and ask them to focus on weight training/showing you exercises. Another option would be to simply ask them about a couple of exercises (definitely do your research before and ask them to just critique your form etc) so you do not get charged for a personal training session.

Overall Thoughts

Women of all ages and strength levels, even if you to start with the lightest weight there is, it’s time to get out there and do just that, start. Get out into that weight room and get strength training. You will lose weight faster, become toned quicker, become re-energized and feel such a sense of accomplishment. Get out there and be the best you!!

Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts about weight lifting, and times you have overcome weight room fear.

Thanks for reading!


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